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We Finally Are Up On YouTube

Join us on Perfect Sentiments Gift Baskets on YouTube!

Our first episode of "Sentimentally Yours" is now published and ready to view on Perfect Sentiments Gift Baskets. Please go and subscribe and like so that we can build an audience and community together. The channel exists to share the challenges and lessons small business owners experience in building their own companies. It also will discuss my personal journey as a entrepreneur who has overcome difficulties with Bipolar disorder to run a sucessful gift basket business.

We will review all sorts of products sold in our baskets and services that small businesses use to operate everyday on the interwebs. These reviews will be honest feedback about the products and we promise to be truthful about what we personally feel about them. I personally feel that if I could have found someone who would honestly and genuinely help me find products/services for my business at the very beginning I would have been so grateful.


This is the first episode of Stories From A Basketcase. One of our playlist series that we are offering on our YouTube Channel. This episode "Sympathy Done Right!" talks about our origin story, my very first order/gift basket.

My first gift basket that I made and delivered to a client. It doesn't have the candle included yet.

If you watch the video to the end please comment below the video "Sympathy Done Right!" and I will choose one comment to shout out in the next video. I also hope to give away a small gift to a chosen commentator in future videos as a thank you for watching, subscribing, commenting, and liking our video. Commenting, liking, and subscribing helps us build our community, obtaining monetization, and helping us improve our production standards.

The three main playlists you will find on our channel are Stories From A Basketcase, a series in which I share anectdotal stories from my 16 years of being a gift basket business owner. I believe there are good life lessons to share, I also hope to inspire others, and share the experiences of other entrepreneurs as well. We are stronger together as business owners, supporting each other is the best business practice.

The second playlist series is Spilling Our Baskets, this play list discusses how to operate a small business as a creative on the internet. I hope to give tips and help for anyone starting out, as well as other business owners who may need some help with an issue they are facing. I encourage other business owners to share their tips and inspiration with us and we will gladly share it on the show. Please send your input to:

Also, please we are looking for other small business owners who are creatives to reach out to us. We would absolutely love to interview you for one of shows, promote your products, tell your story, and showcase your talent to the world. Creatives Rock!

The third playlist is called Do We Have A Prezzie For You! Lol, this is a series that gives our audience a honest review and genuine feedback on the items that we place in our baskets. We also will include reviews about apps and services that I have used in my business. It is our goal to give important and valuable information about these services and products so that other business owners, as well as customers, can benefit from it.

Thank you for subscribing to our Blog and mailing list. We are hoping to ramp up our offers, Blog, and services in the coming months, put your seatbelt on my friends and get ready for a fun journey. Take care, and we will see you on The Tube.

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