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Our New Blog: Sentimentally Yours

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

"Sentimentally Yours" <3

Coming To Perfect Sentiments On October 1, 2023!!!

A Lifestyle And Creative Blog By The Basketress of Empress, Natasha Klassen/Owner of Perfect Sentiments Gift Baskets

A screenshot of the title of our new show Sentimentally Yours.
A screenshot from our new show Sentimentally Yours

Hello, and Welcome!

Join us as we take you with us down the path of gift giving and sharing of the light of the Human Spirit. We don't just give gifts here, we share our care, joy of life, and creativity with all who wish to enjoy this space with us.

Perfect Sentiments will not just be posting updates about our store here on our blog, no sir! It is our goal to provide information on our products and services, as well as tell all of our readers about the myriad of crazy shenanigans we get up to here.


We are bringing Sentimentally Yours to the small screen.....

Our new YouTube show will be debuting in October, also called "Sentimentally Yours". In it we will be reviewing different products, talking about how to build and operate a small business, the ins and outs of being a small business owner, and helping our audience develop important skills in social media and IT. And much, much more!

Natasha Klassen, the Basketress of Empress, lol, will be your host on the show. She is a seasoned business owner, creative of all mediums, and a fellow traveller along the road of life. In the YouTube series Natasha will share her experiences over the last 20 years as a goldsmith, crafter, television producer, and woman-of-all-trades.

You Can Find More Content On.... Subgenres Channel!

You can see extended versions of our television series on our Roku television channel called Subgenres Channel and also on our internet broadcast network on Yes, we have a television channel that focuses on hobbies, Human interest stories, and the joie de vivre that comes with the creativity of the Human Spirit.

If you would like to find out more about this new local television channel made here in Friendly Manitoba please check out our Official Site at where we will be publishing all the dish on our upcoming shows. The relaunch of our channel and website will go live on Jan.1, 2023. Until then, please enjoy our little show on YouTube.

We would love to see you all there!

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