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Gallery of Baskets

Baby Basket.jpg

We take photos of all the baskets we make to send to the person who placed the order. This way we can assure them that their loved one received exactly what they ordered. 

Here are photos of all the baskets we have created for our customers over the past 12 years.

Enjoy the memories!

Natasha Klassen uses her own design sense and gift basket smarts to create an original basket with every order. We appreciate that misappropriating a person's creative ingenuity is a form of flattery. And, thank you by the way. 

However, we beg you to respect the fact that some of these basket ideas, construction, and presentation are exclusive to Perfect Sentiments and their copyright; Warm Hug, for example.

We pride ourselves in being the first company to incorporate the container into the gift giving experience and find a container that is a part of the gift. 

Please, if you wish one of these baskets we ask that you notify us, rather than take the image and ask another company to recreate it. 

These Are Just Examples Of What We Have Done.
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If You See A Basket You Like You Must Call To Inquire
If The Products And Baskets Are Still Available.

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