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We Will Be On YouTube Very Soon!

We Apologize For The Delay!

Very sorry for the delay in getting our first episodes loaded to our Perfect Sentiments YouTube Channel! We have been experiencing health issues that has prevented us from finishing the last details of production. However, we should be loading the shows soon!

Hey fellow basketeers!

Stay tuned on our YouTube Channel Perfect Sentiments and also on our YouTube partner channel Subgenres Channel, we will be putting up our first three episodes of "Sentimentally Yours" during the month of October. We will be also be creating extended episodes for our Roku and Internet Television Broadcast Network Subgenres Channel that can be found as of January 1, 2024 at

Coming Soon To A Small Screen Near You!

We are going to be rebuilding the television network website to showcase our new format and relaunch over the month of December. Subgenres Channel is becoming the home of the Imaginarium of Creativity, a lifestyle and Human Interest channel focusing on what brings us Joie de Vivre.

You will be able to go and see a page for each television show we are producing, support us by buying cool merch, and joining our community for even more shenanigans, as well as perks. We have so many wonderful plans and things to share with you.

We are so thrilled to be able to share our journey with you!

You can join Natasha Klassen and her trusty side kick Nemo as they welcome you to the home of Perfect Sentiments. We are hoping that our first three episodes will be up and ready for you to enjoy by the middle of October.

Due to poor health we have had a few difficulties getting the shows editied and ready to air. But, we have full expectations that we will have them up and running in no time. The first episode will be all about our origin and what is the heart and soul of our company. The second episode is about how we operate here at Perfect Sentiments, what we specialize in, and how you can create your own amazing small business too.

We want to encourage and help other small businesses to thrive like us.

So, one of the goals of this YouTube channel is to give relevant and helpful advice to other entrepreneurs and maybe inspire fellow Creatives to follow their dreams in the business world. As a small business owner Natasha strongly believes that she should support and aid others in their business ventures, because together we are stronger. Often Perfect Sentiments Gift Baskets will showcase and focus on other small businesses they work with to get the word out about their wonderful products. She hopes to share her fellow entrepreneurs and partners with you.

All the Shiny Things!

Natasha hopes to share the wonderful world of shiny and marvelous products that she offers in her store, as well as the different cool items she discovers in her own life. The third episode this month will feature The Cryptex. A delightful and curious object that is a game, a puzzle, and a mystery box all in one. Join us as well tell you about the intriquing games from EscapeWelt Games. You can visit their shop and website at

Learn all about its secrets and the exciting fun you can have with The Cryptex by following this link:

We will be showing our viewers how to open it and send a coded message guarded by a riddle in our product endorsement episode coming soon!

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