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Extra Sentiments

Exclusive Gifts Designed By

Perfect Sentiments & Subgernes Channel 
Exclusive Gifts

Our exclusive gifts are specially designed gift items that were created to raise financial support for our television channel in order to fund tv shows and add branded products to our shop. 

These gifts are provided by our custom creation department and are a special order. 

They will be shipped directly to your home. If you wish to have them included in a basket please call us to arrange your order.


We will have to have the items shipped to our shop. These items are special order so they will take a short period of time to arrive.

Please be aware that you need to have us order these products on your behalf if you wish us to place one in one of our baskets. You do not have to pay two delivery fees, you only have to pay the basket's delivery fee. 

We will send you a quote for the item and arrange to have it shipped to our shop. An invoice for the item will be sent to you to pay for the fabrication of the item. Do not order the item online, contact us directly.
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