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We Have Been Giving Hugs For 8 Years

"Warm Hug"
Our Signature Gift Basket

A popular choice for loved ones in hospital or suffering an illness/loss. It is always cold in hospital, a warm blanket is a welcome show of care and the amount of packaging to dispose of is reduced. It is also a great gift to send to a BFF or a friend in need of a pick me up or a hug.

Send A Warm Hug

We wrap up all your care in a Warm Hug
to send to your friends and loved ones.

Our signature "Warm Hug" basket is a customer favorite. It sends a direct message of love and care to the recipient.


The container is made up of a fleecy cozy throw blanket that the recipient can wrap around themselves while enjoying a solo activity and treats.

The Sender is literally wrapping their loved one in the warmth and comfort of a hug from far away. 

The "Warm Hug" is an original creation by
Natasha Klassen. 
The design, concept, look, and name is the creative property of Perfect Sentiments Gift Baskets. 
Copyright @2015
Warm Hug BFF.jpg

The "Warm Hug" Starts At $65.00


This includes a cozy throw blanket, cookies, a chocolate bar, a choice of two servings of tea, instant coffee, specialty instant coffee/latte/mocha, instant chai, or cocoa. Also a choice of white cheddar popcorn or a substitute product of equal value, as well as an activity of your choice. You can choose to include a book of crossoword puzzles, word finds, sudukos, or a adult colouring book.  

We include a pen or pencil crayons depending on the activity chosen. 

The "Warm Hug" Is Fully Customizable


The "Warm Hug" is fully customizable. You are welcome to add or change the products that are included in the version you order. Please remember that with every change or alteration you make the price will also change. The customization of your "Warm Hug" order will be reflected in the price and anything that diverges from the description of the base version of the "Warm Hug" above will be treated as a specialty order and priced differently. We advise that if you wish a customized "Warm Hug" you phone us directly so that we can make sure that your order is done with the care and detail required to make it a truly perfect gift for your loved one. 

A Note On The Addition Of Alcohol.....

Please follow this link.

Warm Hugs Collection
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