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Till the Last Petal Falls, I Will Be True

The reason for the title of this basket is, this particular posey comes with a small card attached to the end of the handle. The pretty little card proclaims that the sender will love the recipient until the last petal shall fall.


Well, one of the flowers in the arrangement is silk, there will be atleast one flower that will never wilt and die. This is fun and a wonderfully romantic gesture for any occassion in which you desire to profess to someone your undying devotion.


Due to the fact that we need to speak with you about your preferences and fabricate the posey to your specifications, this item cannot be ordered on the day of delivery or pick up. You must give us three days to create these masterpieces of affection.


The price above is an estimate, you can customize your posey to your cost and design preferences. The posey quoted above is a small version. Please call for a quote and talk with us about what you would like in your posey. 


204-292-9599 or send us an email at


Till the Last Petal Falls, I Will Be True

  • Each posey is lovingly fabricated with one silk flower, silk or fabric ribbons, real roses or whatever flowers are requested, little accents like swarovski crystals, pearls, and silver charms.


    Small presents (like a ring, necklace, or jewelry) can be hidden amongst the flowers. Also, we can include paper flowers with love notes written on them. 


    All of our posies are created specifically for the recipient and have a beautifully decorated "handle". You can ask for whatever colors, accents, and flowers you should desire.

  • Due to the fact that all of our baskets are made per order with specially selected items included within it we have a no refund policy. Your prepared basket has been specially fabricated for your custom order and cannot be sold easily to another customer.


    We do not refund, exchange, or give credit once an order has been completed, shipped, delivered, or picked up. Once the basket is wrapped it is no longer able to be altered or the monies refunded. 

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