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Fine Cut Provence Rooibus

Flavory with a floral and fruity bouquet; perfumy lavender notes. Inspired by the joie de vivre of France. This product is blended and packaged in Canada. It is also governed by the Ethical Tea Partnership and is Fair Trade Certified.


How Many Cups Do You Get?

(Tea Cup = 150ml)

50g:15 - 20 cups (Hot Tea)

         10 - 15 cups (Iced Tea)


Serving Tips:

Measure 1 - 2 Heaping Tea Spoons

Heat Water To Roiling Boil (8oz/240ml Water)

Temperature Suggestion: 100 Degrees Celsius/212 Degrees Fahrenheit

Steep Tea 2 - 3 mins

Fine Cut Provence Rooibus

500 Grams
  • None - Caffeine Free

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