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Family Fun Box

This is one of our new signature offerings. It is called the Family Fun Box. We created it for customers looking for an option to send to a group of related people, like a family, extended family, or a group of friends. It contains a meal the family can make together, or treats, and an activity, like a board game. Game night has never been better! 


Our customers can order this basket with a themed meal and with all the necessary ingredients. Or, an assortment of treats and candies. There is the Italian Feast, Pizza Kit, Taco Night, Nacho Fiesta, and more. We also make a chips and dip bonaza, Candy Chaos, or healthier options. It is up to the taste and preference of the recipients. 


This basket can be customized to the preference of the recipients. We have board games, card games, role playing game accessories and books, and much more, that can be included in the box for the family to entertain themselves for an evening of cooperative fun. 


We can ship this basket anywhere!

Family Fun Box

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