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Charcuterie Basket

This basket is great for Diabetics, those who are not into sweets, or looking for a more healthy sophisticated option. Alcohol can be added for an extra price. 


This is our Charcuterie Basket. It comes in many different versions. You can see the many different varitions we offer in the images included. The images included are to give our customers an idea of what they can include in this basket. 


The basic Charcuterie Basket holds: A package of Charcuterie meats, pistachios, brie, dark chocolate bar, 6 Lindt chocolates, mustard, pickles, olives, pesto, crackers, and a wooden serving/cutting board. This basket is never the same twice, most times it is customized to the recipients personal tastes and preferences. 


You can have the Charcuterie Basket with a decorative glass bowl, a hard pretty cardboard box, a wooden cutting board, a Charcuterie Board, or a marble cheese board. Please indicate which container you wish to have the basket created in. The different options do change the basic price of this basket. 

Charcuterie Basket

PriceFrom C$165.00
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