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Big Business IS Our Business!


Welcome to our Corporate selections.

We offer only the highest quality of products and pay careful attention to create sophisticated designs so that your clients will feel truly appreciated, as well as valued. In this section we not only offer baskets to send to clients, but also to address other corporate needs as well.



We Offer A Large Selection 

We cater to all types of Corporate Gift Giving needs,

as well as gift giving for organizations, charities, and other groups.

We offer Employee Appreciation, Team Building, We Appreciate Your Business,

Anniversary of Years In Operation, Love That New Website, Sorry For The Inconvenience,

You Are A Valued Customer, Open For Business (Welcome To The Business World),

Corporate Give Aways, We Miss You (Get Well Soon), Corporate Employee Gifts,

Promotion, Retirement, Best Fit For The Job, Our Hero!, OFfice Admin Appreciation,

You Are Gonna Go Far! (Recent Graduate),

and much more.

We Are Currently Redoing All Of Our Images For Our Corporate Selections.

*These images will include a photo of all the products included in the basket,

what the basket looks like unwrapped,

And an image of the baskets wrapped and ready to deliver. 

Thank you for your patience, we hope to have all our images up asap!

We Are A Fully Customizable Gift Giving Service

If you do not see a basket here that meets your specific corporate needs,

give us a call and we will create a custom one just for you. 

Corporate Services We Offer:

We not only offer customizable baskets, but we also refine our customization so that your business shines!


Corporate Services


Perfect Sentiments wants to create a gift giving experience that showcases your business. 

We can create gift items or gift baskets with your logo, brand colours, and company promotional graphics on them. 

This includes:

Decorative Ribbons




And More...

*We can also include branded items that companies supply us with to put in the baskets.


When it comes to environmentally sound packaging options, less filler, more product, we stand firm on intelligent design for our baskets. 

Perfect Sentiments tries to find innovative and creative containers that suit corporate gift giving needs, budget, and can be a second use object that is part of the gift - giving experience.

Intelligent Gift Giving

is our mandate and is behind everything we create. 

Less Waste In Packaging, Time, Money, 


More In Gift.

Large/Group Orders

Perfect Sentiments is the gift basket store for corporations, organizations, and groups of every kind.

We excel at creating classy and beautiful gifts for companies and organizations to give away during the holiday season, or at events. Whether it be 10 baskets or 100 baskets.

We also are able to create gift boxes to send afar, stylized gift sets for showers, weddings, employees, and events.

Each order is made unique and can have every basket be the same or have varied baskets in one order. 


We Listen!

It is our greatest goal to succeed in creating the perfect gift giving experience for you. 

We listen to your needs, we consider the dietary, lifestyle, religious, and individual preferences of your clients and employees. 

Why? So that the companies that trust us to create their gifts know that it is the perfect representation of the sentiment they wished to convey. 

And the gift is always appreciated, enjoyed, and always makes the recipient feel important. 

Important Notice:

For Orders Of 5 Baskets Or More:

Please Consider Placing Your Order In The Middle To Late November

November 15th to December 10th

If you wish all the baskets to be exactly the same in all their products, containers, and decoration 

we must make pre-orders to ensure that we have enough stock to satisfy your order. 

It can take up to two weeks for out of province/bulk orders of stock to arrive.

During the Holiday Season we gladly welcome large corporate orders

so that we can satisfy your gift giving needs. Please be aware that if you should need an

order of over five baskets it is expected you place your order in the month of November.

The earlier we can source a large order, the easier it will be to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

Corporate Selections

Corporate Selections

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