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An Important Message About Our Deliveries.

There Is A Flate Rate On Delivery Within The City Of Winnipeg,

It Is $14.00.

Our Online Checkout Will Allow You To Opt For This Form Of Delivery.


Our Checkout Will Not Allow For Rural Rates To Be Chosen.

Rural Deliveries:

All Deliveries Outside Winnipeg City Limits Must Be Arranged Through Our Store.

Please Call To Get Quotes On Delivery Rates

Based On Mileage/Time It Takes To Travel.


We Recommend Placing Your Order By Phone.

We Will Deliver To Rural Manitoba.

Thank-you and Sorry For The Inconvenience.






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Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 

The season to share the love and ties that bind us 

is upon us. 

Please let us be your Covid friendly way of sharing this time

with those you love. 

We are here to help share the love and sentiments that you 

wish to send to loved ones.

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We offer customized baskets for many occasions, Mother's Day, Easter, Father's Day

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We are selling these original design Covid 19 masks

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Most Popular Selections

We have a multitude of baskets that we have yet to showcase,

if you do not find one that fits your gift-giving needs,

Please call: 204-292-9599

or email:

If you wish to place a custom order, or make an inquiry. 


About Our Store

                         You supply the special moments, we create the Perfect Sentiment wrapped up in a gift basket.


Our Mission Statement

We wish to provide a standard of excellence in service, product, and design to our customers at price points suitable to their needs. Perfect Sentiments is a gourmet gift basket service wishing to provide baskets that exceed the commonplace and set the bar for gift-giving.


Our company 

Perfect Sentiments Gift Baskets is a small company made up of a family of people who strive to make your gift-giving experience enjoyable and satisfying. We want you to feel that your needs and wishes are met with professional customer service and a quality product.


Our products are sourced from all over the world, as well as here in Canada. Perfect Sentiments is proud to showcase Canadian product, both from our home province of Manitoba and from across the country. We pride ourselves on creating innovative and creative gift baskets that are beautiful, tasteful, tasty, and a gift that will leave a lasting impression on the recipient.



Perfect Sentiments encourages you to share your wishes with us so that we can make them come true, wrapped up in a gift basket that sends your friends and loved ones the perfect sentiment.


Perfect Sentiments provides traditional and custom baskets. Your ideas and input into the creation of your special basket are important to us. Please feel free to express your wishes and we will do our best to make them a gift-giving reality.


Our services include:


-Free quotes

-Custom design consultations

-Special orders for hard-to-find items

-Corporate Events

-Gift Baskets for personal events such as weddings parties, birthday parties, etc.

-Silk flower arranging, can also be included in basket upon request

-Handmade specialty gifts custom made for customer upon request



Allow Me To Introduce Myself….


Hello, welcome to Perfect Sentiments Gift Basket’s new online store and blog. My name is Natasha Klassen, I am the owner of this unique gift store. I have been offering my out-of-the-box gift giving experience to customers for almost a decade now.


From an early age, I have been creating things with my hands. Unique and curious items that I could not find anywhere. One of the reasons I opened my online store was to give myself an excuse to explore the limits of my imagination. To see all the things that I could create and all the places I would go to learn how to make them.


I have studied as a goldsmith, a needle worker, a milliner, as well as been a student of many other forms of handicraft. I find the world of art, and the creativity of artisans who make things that no one else would think of, fascinating and full of wonders. I hope that you will join me in my journey of discovering the world of creativity and the makers that live there.


I find a wonderful challenge in designing aesthetically pleasing gift baskets. Not only do I strive to make sure that all the products within the basket meet my high standards of quality, but I also take great pains to ensure that it all fits together beautifully without glue or tape holding them together in the container. There is nothing worse than having to rip apart your gift basket.


I love working with customers to create something specialized and

unique to satisfy their gift giving needs that will send the perfect

sentiment to the person receiving the basket. My online store gives

me the opportunity of meeting many wonderful clients and I truly

enjoy making sure they feel completely taken care of. Please allow

Perfect Sentiments take care of you.


Please give us a call or contact us here at:





I look forward to hearing from you.

Gourmet Feast
Gourmet Feast

This basket is a lovely offering for a business client, office party, or a special occasion for a friend.

Golf Master
Golf Master

This is the perfect gift basket for that golf lover in your family. You can customize for either gender, cuz woman like golf too! Also, add or subtract any item.

Movie Night
Movie Night

You can order this awesome basket to enjoy a movie marathon (we can source the DVDs for you and place them in the basket, theme it to your preference, like Horror, Scifi, or a particular movie series). You can specify the candy or any other items.

A Touch of Class
A Touch of Class

This basket is a wonderful basket to send to a business colleague or client.

Gourmet Nut Tray
Gourmet Nut Tray

This offering is fully customizable. You tell us what to put in the beautiful porcelain serving tray it is delivered in. You can ask for dried fruit, nuts, chocolates, cheeses, relish, jam, etc. Any combination you would like.

Cat Lady Mug
Cat Lady Mug

We here at Perfect Sentiments love to create unique and fun baskets. This one is made for your favorite Cat Lady. We will create any kind of mug basket you would like.

A Warm Hug
A Warm Hug

A ton of people really enjoy receiving this basket. It is like sending someone you care about a warm hug in a basket. In fact, the blanket is the basket, filled with a coloring book, cocoa, candies, and chocolates. You can change it up put your own spin on it, just tell us what you want.

Memoriam Arrangement
Memoriam Arrangement

This is a lovely and permanent gift to a bereaved loved one. It is custom made. This was the very first one we made. It held silk flowers, a framed version of the deceased persons favorite poem, a battery operated candle. The family can take it home as a permanent memoriam.

Custom Gift Boxes
Custom Gift Boxes

You can custom order a gift box for your basket's container. They can be designed anyway you please, like a jewelry box or just a cool memory box.

We Sell Every Kind of Gift Basket!

We here at Perfect Sentiments offer every type of gift basket out there. Yes, we do make fruit baskets and nut trays. Our fruit baskets and nut trays offer any kind of personal customization.

We pay great attention to dietary restrictions and other food related issues. If you have a diabetic relative or friend please let us know. We will create a beautiful basket that is sensitive to their health concerns.

Gluten-free, non-alcoholic, vegan, and all other dietary restrictions are all given a great amount of care in providing the right gift basket for the recipient’s needs.

We welcome our customers to come to us with their concerns and needs so that we can give them the best customer service, as well as a product that is completely suited to them.

We Are A Totally Custom Gift Basket Service!

Perfect Sentiments Gift Baskets operates by a truly unique service approach. Our customers come to us and tell us how much they wish to spend. Then, we determine through some inquiry what they want in their basket and how it should look.

If you want a penguin basket for $45, we will make you the most awesome Penguin Basket for $45. We try our best to make the containers part of the gift so that there is less packaging.

The containers we use are things that the recipient with use or treasure after they have opened the gift. Because…..Who knows what to do with all those wicker baskets!

We also offer a recycling program in our shop for all those wicker baskets you have piling up in a back closet. Bring them in and we will reuse them for your next basket order.

We Send Anywhere!

Please refer to the Shop Policies Page for details on our delivery. We will deliver anywhere in Winnipeg, Manitoba for a $13 delivery fee. Please let us know if you wish to have your basket delivered.

We also will deliver outside of Winnipeg to towns such as Carmen, Steinbach, etc. These deliveries are specialty services and you will be charged for the gas mileage, as well as time.

We also ship Care Packages anywhere in the world. You can order a gift basket that can be packaged beautifully in a lovely gift box and sent anywhere in the world you wish. Please refer to our Shipping Page.

We Are All Inclusive!

Here at Perfect Sentiments we observe and celebrate all religious observances. Throughout our site you will see that different sections will include all religions and celebrations.

Since we do not intimately know all the traditions and practices of all of them as of yet, we invite you to send us feedback about your culture, religion, and traditions so that we can make these baskets as suitable as possible to your needs.

We include gift-giving options for many different lifestyles, as well as alternative communities and their life celebrations. Please check out our Rainbow Section and look through our selections for baskets geared towards alternative culture.

Our Mental Health and Sympathy sections cater to the most sensitive and inspirational concepts in gift-giving to promote healing, plus growth.


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